Thursday, February 23, 2012

Back from break!!

So I’m back from my break from social media! I removed all the applications off of my phone and realized how time consuming it can be. I’ve enjoyed the time off and we’ve already had an awesome 2012. My Winter Break was great, but I was glad to get back in the swing of things at school. Our annual State Debate was the last weekend of January and our kids did awesome! There are only 24 invitations to Nationals, and our kids received seven of them; I was SO proud! It’s a lot of hard work and time, but it’s SO worth it to see those students excel. I’m SO thankful that Brandon is supportive and that he and Tyler have “boys time” while I’m away.

It’s hard to believe, but last weekend, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! The theme for five years is wood, so we decided to break away to Fredericksburg and stay in a log cabin. Neither of us had ever been and we had a BLAST! Our cabin was really cool, and of course, we went to all the touristy places everyone told us about. Even though the weather was cold, we enjoyed shopping, eating and just getting away together. I have to say that this last year has been one of our best years and we’re both SO thankful! We’re looking forward to many more awesome years!
While we were away, little man stayed with PaPi and GiGi! He’s actually growing up so fast and is just SO smart! They took him to see the monster trucks at the Dallas AutoRama while he was with them and made lots of memories. We talked to him every night and he told us he’d been a good boy while he was there. We were both ready to get home to see him and it was so nice to be greeted with a great big hug from our little guy! We’re so thankful for parents that love our Tyler and allow us to spend time away as husband and wife when we want and need them both SO much!

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