Monday, December 5, 2011

Our kids are getting older....

I love that we still connect with college friends as our kids grow up. This past week, Malachi turned three, just three weeks younger than Tyler! Several of my SAGU friends were all pregnant at the same time, and it's neat when we get together and our kids can play. Brandon and I took Tyler to Malachi's birthday party and they had a blast playing together and celebrating "THREE!" The decorations were so cute and the cakes were awesome...a great Veggie Tales theme! Brandon and I got to love on Lawson who is so cute! I wished we all lived closer so we could see each other more, but I'm happy for the times that we do get together!
After the party, we dropped little man by PaPi and GiGi's and we went to church and out to Cheesecake Factory with the Alltop's.....more college friends! Pastor Robert is challenging Gateway to a 40 day fast the first of 2012....I will be fasting social networks.....should be interesting! He's an amazing leader and we're so thankful for his leadership. After dinner, it was cold and rainy, and we were happy to just go home and hang out! PaPi and GiGi put up their tree before Tyler got there, and he had fun seeing his ornaments on their tree. Buddy is doing an amazing job of keeping Santa updated on how Tyler is doing and we love our little Elf on the Shelf! Too bad he can't stay around year round! LOL!

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B is a natural holding Lawson!