Sunday, November 20, 2011

GREAT football weekend

We had an awesome weekend, full of football and family time. Trinity played Allen at Cowboy Stadium on Saturday and we were there with family and friends and had a BLAST! We weren't slated to win and so I was SO nervous the entire was a nail biter for sure! Tyler hadn't had a nap, but was such a good sport the whole time. He had plenty of laps to sit on, and our IPhones to keep him busy if he got bored.
We got home just in time to watch Baylor beat Oklahoma for the first time in history! Tyler was asleep in the living room with us, and so we couldn't scream like we would have, but it was UH-MAZING!!!! Today, we've been home watching football and hanging out and saw the Cowboys win too! GREAT games and great times with the family.

We have a short week this week and we're looking forward to the time off and spending with family. We have had such an awesome year and we're SO thankful! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Anonymous said...

Would you please FEDEX him to me? LOVE TO ALL, Sali